Repeatable, reboot resilient windows environment installations made easy using Chocolatey packages

For more information and How Tos, visit the official Boxstarter website!

Windows environment creation made easy!

  • 100% Unattended Install with pending reboot detection and automatic logon.
  • Remote machine deployments
  • Integrates with Hyper-V and Windows Azure VMs supporting checkpoint restore and creation
  • Installation packages build on top of Chocolatey Nuget package management
  • Easily install with just a Gist and the Boxstarter Web Launcher or create a private repo on a Thumb drive or network share
  • Works on Window 7/2008 R2 and up with Powershell 2.0 and higher
  • Lots of Windows configuration utilities including installing critical updates, changing windows explorer options, and more.

Quickly Load up your favorite apps and settings on any machine with a gist! No preinstalled software needed

Grab your Gist

Launch the Boxstrter launcher

Easily package installation scripts and resources in a Nuget package

A simple Hello World
Import-Module Boxstarter.Chocolatey
New-BoxstarterPackage HelloWorld
Set-Content (Join-Path $Boxstarter.LocalRepo "HelloWorld\Tools\ChocolateyInstall.ps1") `
  -Value "Write-Host `"Hello World! from `$env:COMPUTERNAME`";CINST Git" -Force
Invoke-BoxstarterBuild HelloWorld

Install on another machine
$creds=Get-Credential win7\mwrock
Install-BoxstarterPackage -ComputerName win7 `
  -Package HelloWorld -Credential $creds


NOTE: Powerhell Remoting must be enabled on the remote machine. Launch a Powershell Console as administrator:
Enable-PSRemoting -Force

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