Is BoxStarter still relevant?

Jan 17, 2013 at 2:37 PM

I've been using BoxStarter for the past month, but I am starting to get confused if it is even relevant anymore, now that chocolatey has been released.  Many of the boxstarter helper functions are now available in native chocolatey.

Is there still a space for BoxStarter?  Has it's life come to a (natural) end? 



Jan 17, 2013 at 6:36 PM

Hi Pete,

I do still have plans to expand boxstarter. You are right that alot of what was in boxstarter months ago got ported to Chocolatey and I will continue to contribute to Chocolatey where it makes sense. Hee are my more immediate plans:

 - Make installations Reboot friendly. Chocolatey, correctly so, encourages packages not to force a reboot. However in a initial box setup scenario where you are installing a bunch of apps and might be installing updates as well, it is easy to end up in a situation where you need to reboot or else all attempted installs will fail. My goal is to detect pending reboots, Restart the machine and automatically log the user in and restartup the package. The user would provide their password in the boxstarter invokation. Boxstarter will store it in a special encrypted area and use it to log the user back in after restarts.

- Improved Logging to capture more info.

- A "One Click" app to invoke boxstarter. This will allow you to issue a simple command or click a link to invoke boxstarter.

- A website to make it easier to create boxstarter style packages (think