Vagrant remote script execution and trouble finding/changing boxstarter.log

Wow! What a tool, I totally agree that Boxstarter is a game changer. Thanks a million! I am using Vagrant to create and provision VirtualBox VMs running Windows 7 from a Windows 7 host. As part...

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"Learn" page uses deprecated Set-ExplorerOptions

The code sample on the Learn page uses Set-ExplorerOptions, but at runtime it warns that the command is deprecated and should use Set-WindowsExplorerOptions instead, along with it's different param...

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Auto-login is not disabled after boxstarter package has completed

Hello - It seems that autologin is not disabled after a boxstarter package is completely installed using Install-BoxstarterPackage. Before I Install-BoxstarterPackage, Windows asks for credentials...

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Install-BoxstarterPackage won't re-run a failed package, even after it's fixed

I you can call Install-BoxstarterPackage and the installation completes, then you can call Install-BoxstarterPackage again on the same or modified file with no problem. However, if the first call ...

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7-Zip signalled an unknown error (code ) when using Install-ChocolateyZipPackage

I cannot get BoxStarter to deploy a zip package to a remote box using Install-ChocolateyZipPackage in a chocolatey package. Any help or insight would be appreciated. I'm building a box starter p...

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autologon fails using 32-bit powershell, succeeds on 64-bit

Here's a simple Boxstarter script I'm using to test autologin. I save this to my desktop as test.ps1. if ( Get-UAC ) { Disable-UAC Invoke-Reboot } And here's the code I'm using to run the boxsta...

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Boxstarter window closes before I can read the error message

I tried using the Boxstarter web launcher today to set up a new machine. However, is currently "offline for maintenance" and requests to fail with a...

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Web launcher doesn't install anything

I am attempting to run this gist: With this command:

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No more NPAPI in Chrome

Hi @mwrock, You mention on your website a plugin for Chrome that can handle ClickOnce applications. But this extension has become adware for the last year or so. I tried to compile the NPAPI pl...

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If VM has two VHDs, enable-boxstarterVM fails to enable PSremoting

If a new VM has been configured with two (or more) VHDs, when Boxtarter is run against teh VM for teh first time, it fails. This happens if Boxstarter needs to mount the VM to enable remoting. A...

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