No more NPAPI in Chrome

Hi @mwrock, You mention on your website a plugin for Chrome that can handle ClickOnce applications. But this extension has become adware for the last year or so. I tried to compile the NPAPI pl...

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If VM has two VHDs, enable-boxstarterVM fails to enable PSremoting

If a new VM has been configured with two (or more) VHDs, when Boxtarter is run against teh VM for teh first time, it fails. This happens if Boxstarter needs to mount the VM to enable remoting. A...

Id #81 | Release: None | Updated: Jul 5 at 7:54 AM by mwrock | Created: Jun 25 at 3:39 PM by whertzing56

Enable "-force" flag when an array of packages is installed

Feature Request: The documentation clearly states that when calling "Install-BoxstarterPackage" and a comma separated list of packages is passed in, it will only install the packages not already p...

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Add parameter for accepting custom argument data

In reference to discussion at it would be great if users could passin custom data to a boxstarter package that could then be used to f...

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Investigate delayed enabling of autologin

In reference to the discussion at there is a scenario where a machine will continue to auto login users after running boxstarter. I believe this i...

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Every chocolatey package ends in error.

Every working package installs fine on Windows 8.1 but they all throw an error nontheless. E.g.: chromium has finished successfully! The chocolatey gods have answered your request! Finished inst...

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remote installs do not use original nuget sources


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Install-BoxstarterPackage against remote computer fails

Hello, First of, thank you Matt for this tool - it really makes bare metal bring up so much easier! I'm trying to deploy a boxstarter package on a set of remote computers with the same credenti...

Id #74 | Release: None | Updated: May 8 at 7:02 AM by rals01 | Created: May 8 at 7:02 AM by rals01

Running Install-BoxstarterPackage against a remote computer does not allow sourcing a package from a custom NuGet Repo

I have my system bootstrap package located in a custom NuGet repo and am running the following command's from my workstation PC against the server I am trying to BootStrap Workstation PC Set NuGe...

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Needing to rerun Boxstarter multiple times and still doesn't complete

OS: win 7 x64 Evaluation version running in Vmware Fusion VM Since WebLauncher didn't work I manually installed Chocolatey and then Boxstarter and then from Boxstarter shell ran this: PS C:> I...

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